Cruise Control Kit for VDJ76, VDJ78, VDJ79 V8 4.5Tdi With Air Bag 2007-Present

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E-Cruise Cruise control kits are the perfect addition for any car, ute, 4WD, commercial or truck.
They're easy to install, easy to use and engineered to ensure a perfect fit with the highest level of reliability.

Our E-Cruise Control kits are model specific and pre-programmed so you don't need to haul around computers
or programmers. This saves time and frustration especially in built-up areas where it is difficult to drive at a
constant speed to calibrate units, like you have to perform with some other brands of cruise control. You don't
need to have special training or 'authorisation' to install our E-Cruise Control units.


Benefits of E-Cruise Controls:                                                                

 High quality, Plug & Play model specific kits
 OEM Factory Style Connectors
 No field programming or calibration required
 Minimal to no soldering
 Model specific fitting instructions & user manual
 Quick trouble free installation


Our E-Cruise is mostly Plug & Play using OEM style connectors so you don't waste time cutting and soldering
wires upside down under a dash. Our OEM style connectors are not only much quicker for installation, but also
increase installation reliability.


E-Cruise Control products that are fitted to new vehicles come with a warranty equal to the vehicle
manufacturer's warranty - up to five years.

Installations on used vehicles come with a 2 year/ 40,000km warranty.